currency etfs invest in foreign currencies
Investor Education

Currency ETFs – How They Work

Foreign currency ETFs invest in a single foreign currency or a basket of foreign currencies. These investment funds typically achieve their returns by holding the foreign currencies directly or by investing in short-term debt that … [More]

how to invest when interest rates are low
Fund Insights

How to Invest When Interest Rates Are Low

How to invest when interest rates are low? David Hillmeyer of Delaware Investments has some ideas in his report, Great Risk Rebalance – Adjusting to a Sustained Low-Yield Environment. How to Invest When Interest Rates … [More]

best financial advisors use social media
Financial Advisors

Do The Best Financial Advisors Use Social Media?

The best financial advisors make social media work for them. It’s not easy, but a well-planned systematic approach to cultivating social media is clearly helping drive successful financial advisors’ gains in assets under management higher … [More]

financial literacy - evaluating content
Financial Advisors

Financial Literacy – How to Evaluate Learning Resources

Financial Literacy Teaching and Digital Content Financial literacy teaching requires learning resources and content. Evaluating these digital learning resources requires a scorecard though. The white paper below provides such a scorecard. I share this white paper with financial … [More]