Global Macro Investing – Evaluating the Forest Before the Trees

global macro investing - understanding the global forest

Global macro investing requires that a fund manager study and understand the global investment forest first.  In William Blair Dynamic Allocation Strategies fund’s case, the fund evaluates global macro investing themes and then the assets within those themes. Fund investments must fit consistently into global macro themes.

Fund: William Blair Dynamic Allocation Strategies

Global Macro Investing Overview – Video Synopsis:

Global macro themes have an important impact on asset values.

Examples of global macro themes:

  • Central bank balance sheets are bloated
  • Global indebtedness is very high
  • Developed and developing economies are rapidly integrating with each other

This fund’s investment decisions are based on fundamental asset values (equities, bonds, currencies etc.) evaluated within global macro themes.

Learn more about this fund’s strategy from Brian Singer, CFA and Head of William Blair’s Dynamic Allocation Strategies team.  This video remains relevant to macro themes.

Video Date: February, 2015, 2 min 18 s video below:

Read the September 2016 detailed description and update

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